FabLocal Press Release Program

Fablocal press release
The press release program we offer is a very fast “white hat” way for you to get ranked on Google and it also provides you with authority backlinks to your site, which will help with your site rankings. Additionally, the rankings and mentions on “News worthy sites” may generate orders.

Once we receive your information that you would like to consider for your press release we will put it into a press release format and submit for syndication. The press release usually goes live within 48 hours after our submission.

Steps to process the press release:

•    Submit your press release copy via email to us. Include any photos you would like.
•    Submit your headline, and approximately 300 words of content.
•    Keep in mind your keywords… and let us know the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for.  One main keyword and two others are a good rule of thumb.
•    We will normally also include 2 hyper-links in the body of the content (usually your website). Please provide them.
•    Include the person to contact and contact information. You and your company information that you want published. (also note if you want your email and phone number published)
•    Once received, the Press Release may be re-written into a news worthy format.
•    After the Press Release goes out, you will receive a Press Release Distribution Report. (Attached so you can see it).
•    Cost is $350 per Press Release

The Press Release Distribution Report will include the following information:

Google Pickup
•    The pick-up in Google will allow you to see how many pages Google has discovered and indexed, which represents just a partial list of where your release and news has been published, shared and discussed.

Keyword Rankings
•    Number of Recorded Keyword Rankings
•    You will see what keywords your press release is ranking for.
•    You will see your press release ranked and the positions in Google for your keywords and keyword phrases.

Distribution Details
•    Recorded Full Page Placements: Normally over 400 sites, included the major news outlets will pick up your press release.
•    Youi will receive a list of online pickups that we were able to track.
•    You can download this list in CSV format.

Transmission to Content Partners & Media Archives
•    Your press release will be submitted and accepted into the editorial systems of the PR news desk, content and media archive partners.
•    These systems are used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers, journalists and news curators to search for the direct source of relevant news. How your news will be used is ultimately their decision.

Connect with us and see what a FabLocal Distribution Report can look like for your business.

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